Limited Company Registration

Under the gamut of limited companies come both the private limited companies and the public limited companies, in most parts of the world including India. Thus, the limited companies are vital and utmost significant part of diverse entities in all economic sectors in any progressive country. Our law firm is prominent worldwide for impeccable and responsible legal services (related with diverse disciplines of the law) to people and entities in all economic sectors in jurisdictions worldwide, indispensably including services for limited company registration. Ours rigorous and discerning limited company registration services are for all varying sizes and status of the private limited companies and the public limited companies in various fields of the commercial, professional, and industrial sectors. Besides swift and economical services for any desired type of limited company registration, we additionally on request offer legal and supportive services for doing international business, and efficient management, maximal productivity and profitability, and cherished business growth and expansion. In the section furnished below given is highly beneficial information regarding the limited company registration in India, and the entire limited company registration procedure followed for it.

Limited Company Registration Services India

Ours limited company registration services in India are vastly reputed and popular in all across the country, for being flawless, brisk, reliable, and economical. The rigorous registration and regulation of the limited companies in all fields anywhere in India are performed under the provisions given in the Companies Act of 1956. The limited company registration fees in India are rather reasonable, and lower than those in most of the developed countries. For these purposes there are situated well-resourced offices of the registrars of companies in every major State of India, which additionally cover other small States and Union territories located nearby. The limited company registration procedure comprises the tasks or processes of - mature and visionary planning for the desired type of limited company anywhere in the country; acquiring permission to the proposed names of the company; obtaining DINs, DSCs, and other requisite certifications; preparing MOA and AOA for the company to be established; filing these documents with the concerned ROC, and representing our client before him; accomplishing other necessary compliances to regulating authorities regarding company registration; and lastly, receiving the certificate of company registration or the facilitating certificate for the commencement of company business.

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