STPI Registration

The acronym STPI stands for the Software Technology Parks of India, and is today one of the most popular categories for business establishments in India. These STPI companies are basically and essentially export-oriented units, with or without their services to the domestic market of India. Described generously in this article are stpi registration (including stpi online registration), stpi registration procedure, and our services for flawless and swift stpi registrations in every desired part of India. The companies under the STPI category are established to promote development and prosperity in the fields of information technology, computer software, IT enabled services, and foreign money earnings and investments. Apart from these services these stpi units can also provide professional or commercial trainings, and intermediation services between the governmental bodies and the general public. Today, the Government of India under its STPI Scheme offers certain lavish opportunities and policies for setting up stpi units, including considerably large concessions in taxes and duties.

STPI Registration Services India

Today, ours stpi registration services are made ornate with swift online facilities also, in order to provide prompt stpi online registration. All types of companies and units under the stpi category are registered and regulated under the Companies Act of 1956, with the well-rounded support of the registrar of companies in the concerned State. Hence, the stpi registration procedure is almost the same as that of the company registration under this dominant company act of India. However, there are certain strict declarations and regulations to be made in case of stpi units, with advance service charges. The main and essential documents to be furnished for stpi registration are - a detailed and visionary business planning and analysis; MOA and AOA of the stpi unit; board resolution, and the names of all authorized persons; details about the person-in-charge of all major and significant activities and operations; supportive financial documents and statements; documents showing commercial contractual agreements, if any; initial application processing fees of Rs. 2500/-; and advance service charge amounting to Rs.50,000/-.

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