Society Registration

Discerning services for society registrations anywhere in India are essential and one of the hugely significant services of ours nationwide reputed law firm. For a long enriching time we have been supporting individuals and entities in establishing their diverse types of trusts, societies, and section-25 companies for a variety of different purposes in locations all across the country. Perfect and swift services for registration of these are provided in addition to company formation services and all legal services relating with all different disciplines of the legal practice, for great benefits of people and entities in all economic sectors in India and abroad. But here, society registrations made strictly as per the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860, will exclusively be described. The section below offers hugely productive information about how to register a society, the society registration procedure, and ours all-encompassing and rigorous services for society registration nationwide. Any such society registration can be ambitiously made for a rather broad-range of high and noble objectives concerned with social development; employment generation; promotion of education, health, art & culture, and creative talent; environmental or political awareness; and several other motives for social welfare.

Society Registration Services India

Ours brisk services for the desired type of society registration are easily and promptly accessible through the online mode also. To register a society, the tasks to be scrupulously performed are - proper and visionary planning for society formation; preparation of the memorandum of association, and the rules and regulations of the association; making documents regarding full and dedicated consent of all designated members of the managing committee, and many other documents necessary for society registration; and filing these all documents with the concerned Registrar of Societies. Our services for society registration cover these all tasks. This society registration act is a federal act, and is therefore, utilized for registration and regulation of societies in the States located in all around the country. For formation of a society, only seven members (of the managing committee) are required; there being no limit to the maximum number of these. Moreover, the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, offers certain tax exemptions to the societies based on the welfare activities and objectives of these.

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