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In ours this highly informative and enlightening article, get discerning information about the brand registration or the brand name registration, along with our swift services during the entire brand registration process in jurisdictions worldwide. For better conception, let me start the article with answer to what is brand registration. The brand registration is registering any unique and impressive trademark or service mark with the prescribed trademark office in the jurisdiction concerned, in order to provide accreditation and protection to the business mark. The trademark or brand is critically and vitally helpful for achieving a certain distinct identity, widespread prominence and popularity, and unique reputation in the marketplace. Hence, ours esteemed law firm of worldwide acclamation essentially provides refined services for brand registrations in nations worldwide, along with decent services regarding all disciplines of legal practice. Our faultless services for brand registrations at international level worldwide, are associated with TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. Our perfect and expeditious services offered during the whole brand name registration process, are described below in details.

Online Brand Registration Services India

Our swift and reasonably-charged services for brand registration in India are easily accessible through the online mode from any part of the country. These rich and lavish services are for trademarks and service marks used in all various fields of the commercial, service, industrial, and professional sectors. Applications for such registration are filed with regional trademark offices situated in all across the country, depending on the respective location of our clients. Apart from brand registration in all across India, we also help Indian people and companies in getting such registrations under the above specified international regulations, to promote their international business. The main tasks performed during the brand registration process are - creation and selection of the most suitable and best trademark; originality checks through the help of online trademark searches; trademark infringement analysis to avert accusations of infringement by others; perfect drafting and proper filing of the trademark application under the strictures of the New Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002; performing prosecution for fast and perfect registration.

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