Copyright Application

The copyright application is the process of filing an application or instance of this, in order to acquire registration of any creation or matter worth copyright. Our services for the copyright application are significant among our all services for the intellectual property law, delivered punctiliously and flawlessly to people and entities of all concerned economic fields, in India and abroad. Our services regarding copyright application comprehensively cover all legal and supportive services during the entire copyright application process in jurisdictions domestic and international in all across the whole world. Ours these services for filing copyright applications for all categories of new and original creations and works in India and abroad, are described completely in the section below for readers' convenience. In addition to the traditional processing and filing of copyright applications, today well-facilitated is tackling of copyright application online by us. Here, it may be important to note that our well-resources law firm based in India, is presently one of the globally prominent and reputed legal organizations of the world with the complete gamut of legal services regarding all areas of the legal practice in jurisdictions worldwide.

Copyright Application Process in India

Our services for copyright application in all across India cover all categories of original and unique works which pertain to diverse commercial, industrial, and professional fields. The most prominent and popular of these categories are literary works, musical creations and collections in forms of audio and visual, photographic works and creations, choreographic and cinematographic works, sculptural creations, artistic works, paintings and drawings, dramatic works, and so on. These all categories of copyright registration in India are performed under the stricture of the Copyright Act of 1957, through copyright offices located in all across the country. Here, it is noteworthy that the copyright application filing fees in India are very reasonable and economical, and much lower than those in other developed countries worldwide. The services required during the copyright application process are - well-informed and innovative support for the best possible creation of the unique work; verification of the originality, novelty, and acceptability of the creation by registration authority through copyright searches; copyright infringement analysis, to avoid infringement upon the registered creations of others; best and impeccable presentation of the creation or work in for making copyright application; filing the copyright application in India or abroad on behalf of Indian people and entities.

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