Patent Infringement

The patent infringement is making uses of the matters and processes contained by any registered invention or patent, fully or partially for making new inventions or any commercial purposes, without getting proper and authorizing permission for doing so from the concerned patent holder. In other words, a patent invention is violation of the exclusive rights of the patentee without his/her/its consent, for one's own commercial or other benefits, in any ways. The foregoing description clarifies what is patent infringement. This patent infringement is a punishable offence, and the infringer is bound to confront an infringement lawsuit, and to compensate for all patent infringement damages caused. Ours well-informed and adept patent attorneys and patent litigators of international acclamation and repute, have been providing rigorously all services for patent infringement cases in jurisdictions all around the whole world, in all sectors of economy. Our law firm is reputed worldwide for perfect and responsible services regarding all disciplines of the legal practice, essentially including the whole gamut of services for every intellectual property.

Patent Infringement Analysis

The patent infringement analysis is one of the significant tasks concerned with the creation or registration of an invention, patent protection, and patent infringement litigation. This patent infringement analysis deals with the evidential verification of the occurrence of infringements upon any previously registered inventions, within the jurisdiction concerned, and in the same or different fields of business or profession. This infringement analysis is carried out using some well-established doctrines, the most significant being the doctrine of direct infringement and the doctrine of equivalence. Experts vigorously advise making critical and scrupulous patent infringement analysis before making application for registration of an invention. The need for this patent infringement analysis may arise during the creation of an invention in any field, in response to a infringement lawsuit by competitor, or by the result of the patent watch or monitoring program carried out on behalf of the patentee. The easily accessible online databases available with patent offices for facilitating patent searches are vitally helpful for patent infringement analysis.

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