Patent Prosecution

The term 'Patent Prosecution' refers to the process or advocacy connected with incorporating certain changes in the newly filed patent or the previously registered patent at the concerned national or international level. Thus, the patent prosecution could be a pre-registration prosecution or a post-registration prosecution. Our duly erudite and innovative patent prosecution attorneys conduct both these types of patent prosecution in India, and at the international levels worldwide.

The pre-registration patent prosecution is performed by the patent attorneys mainly for making the registration of the proposed patent easier and hassle-free. This is done through making certain necessary changes in the filed patent to satisfy the registrar, or presenting specific references for making the filed patent smoothly registrable. On the other hand, the post-registration patent prosecution is extended for incorporating certain imperative or prudent changes in the already registered patent.

Patent Prosecution Process and Services

Our perfect and efficient patent prosecution process and services are quite popular in cities all across India, and also in many countries abroad. In India, these patent prosecution services are performed as per the Indian Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972, and all amendments made thereto so far. And, at the international levels worldwide, these services are extended strictly as per the rules and provisions given in the immediately concerned international patent convention or treaty, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) of the WIPO, the Berne or Paris Convention, the TRIPS Agreement of the WTO, and the European Patent Convention (EPC).

Our impeccable and innovative patent prosecution services are available for both the product and process patents related with various economic fields, for doing business at the national level in India, or any country which is member of any of the above-mentioned conventions and treaties related with patents.

For the pre- registration patent prosecution the usual processes are contacting the registration authority and offering advocacy for the best and briskest registration of the proposed patent, making certain changes in the patent specification to quench the objections made by the registration authority, and presenting some suitable references to make the proposed patent easily registrable. On the other hand, for executing the post-registration patent prosecution, the general processes are the following --- seeking consultation with the concerned authority for incorporating the desired changes in the registered patent with; presenting convincing references for unobjectionable inclusion of the targeted changes in the registered patent; and carrying out all task for making these changes a reality.

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