FCRA Registration

Essential is the fcra registration for receiving any type of funds or contributions from any foreign source. The fcra of 1976 facilitates the lawful acquisition and strict utilization of all foreign funds and contributions by all Indian entities for the specified objectives anywhere within the country. All associations, organizations, trusts, societies, and social-development organizations which want to receive funds or monetary contributions from any one or more foreign sources are compulsorily required to obtain the fcra registration number from the FCRA Section of the Home Affairs of the Government of India. The section below furnishes the detailed information about our fcra registration services in India, along with the fcra registration process. Ours well-resourced and reputed law firm situated in India with connections worldwide, has been extending reliable and perfect legal services to all economic sectors in connection with all areas of the legal practice in nations situated in all across the world for a long time.

Online FCRA Registration Services India

Registration under the foreign contribution (regulation) act, is now also well-equipped with online facilities. We undertake and perform the fcra registration online under the section-6 of this FCRA, 1976, on behalf of entities established or active in all regions of the country. The fcra registration fees charged by us are quite reasonable and competitive. The fcra registration is made for two main types of requirements - for receiving one time grant from any specified foreign source, and for acquiring regular foreign funds from different sources. The foreign sources may be any governmental agency, private company or organization, social-development trust or society, or any other institution or association. For the purpose of availing one-time foreign grant or contribution, the applicant has to obtain the prior permission, through filing the form FC-1A. And, for the case of getting permission for receiving regular foreign funds and contributions from several different foreign donors, applicant will have to achieve permanent registration using the form FC-8. We support and guide comprehensively our clients in performing any of these fcra registrations, depending on their individual requirement.

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