Design Patent

The design patents are the patents which are concerned exclusively with designing of products, devices, instruments, objects, etc., pertaining to various fields of commerce and industry. The patents in all economic fields can broadly be divided into the categories of the utility patents and the design patents. Both these categories of patents are vital and vastly supportive to booming businesses in all these fields. Generally, a patent number containing the letter D, is assigned to these design patents by most of the patent registration offices worldwide, in order to distinguish them from the utility patents. Designs are concerned mainly with functional performance, space considerations, convenience to the users, and the aesthetic considerations; and are therefore, very creative and significant, and of course very vulnerable to infringements. The design patents or inventions are no less arduous and discerning than the utility patents, regarding their creation, drafting, and protection from infringements. Our well-resources and well-connected law firm offers the complete range of legal and supportive services regarding the registration and protection of design patents in all economic fields in jurisdictions worldwide, in addition to full services for all other areas of the law. Ours excellent and economical services for the design patents are explained about separately in the sections below.

How To File a Design Patent

This section provides all information regarding how to file a design patent anywhere, and the necessary tasks to be performed for their prompt patentability and secured registrations. The design patent applications are forwarded to the Controller of Designs after drafting them strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the concerned domestic or international registration authorities. At international level, the design patents are registered under the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Patent Cooperation Treaty of WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. In India, these design patents are drafted as per the Designs Act of 2000 and the Designs Rules of 2001. Ours adept and innovative patent attorneys help entrepreneurs, companies, industries, and institutions belonging to diverse economic fields in getting their designs registered swiftly and securely at domestic and international levels worldwide. The services offered by us to design patents before filing for registration, are illustrated below.

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