TAN Registration

The TAN Registration is essential and mandatory for doing business by any entities in any economic field, where it is entitled to deduct or collect taxes. Therefore, ours full-fledged legal service providing firm to people and entities in all economic sectors, additionally provides swift service regarding this highly significant tan registration in India and abroad. The section provided below deals exclusively with our service regarding expeditious and perfect tan registration in india in all across the country. All those companies and other entities which make financial transactions in forms of salaries to employees, contractual payments, consultancy fees, taxable project finances, etc., are essentially required to obtain tan registration under the Income Tax Department of the concerned country. The tax deduction and collection account number (TAN) provided after tan registration, is necessary for filing TDS or TCS returns, making TDS/TCS payment challan, and issuing TDS/TCS certificates, by these entities. All the taxes deducted or collected at source of income, are to be remitted to the income tax department later on every year.

TAN Registration Services India

In India, the tan registration is supported and regulated by the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), and is similar to the pan registration. The Income Tax Department (ITD) of India firmly advises all tax deductors and collectors to perform secured tan registration online using the TIN facilities provided by the NSDL in all across the whole country. Along with refined and punctilious services related with all disciplines of the law to entities in all economic sectors, ours proficient and vibrant legal professionals also provide brisk services for tan registration to individuals and diverse entities doing business in every part of the country. For speedy and authentic tan registration, any applicant is required to submit the completed Tan Registration Form (Form-49B) to the recommended Tan Information Network Facilitation Centre (TIN-FC). After registration a TAN is allotted to the applicant, for mandatory uses in making all above-mentioned tasks. Now-a-days in India, the income tax department of India has prescribed to submit the TDS and TCS Statements quarterly by every tax deducting and collecting business or professional entities.

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