Firm Registration

The Firm Registration is the very first and major task to be done for doing business in any economic field, anywhere. Only a properly registered firm gets governmental and public recognition, some tax rebates and exemptions, diverse legal rights, and due governmental protections for business governance. Hence, rigorous and perfect services for firm registration are a part of ours compulsory and most important legal services to all economic sectors. Extensively prominent worldwide, our law firm offers exquisite and responsible legal services in connection with all diverse areas of the legal practice in domestic and international jurisdictions worldwide. All hugely prominent and preferred types of firms and corporations, in varying sizes and status, have been helped punctiliously for their formation, management, and expansion, in various fields of the commercial, institutional, industrial, service, and professional sectors. In addition to firm registration in the desired country, we also support our clients in extending their businesses to international horizons, through providing services related with international business laws and maritime and admiralty laws. Today, we are well-equipped with lavish and swift facilities regarding firm registration online.

Online Firm Registration Services India

Ours reputed firm registration services in India or abroad are well-accessible through online resources. In India, all categories of firms, companies, and institutions, are registered and regulated under the regulations of the Companies Act of 1956 and the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008. Broadly, these firms and entities are divided into the categories of private limited companies, public limited companies, sole proprietorship firms, limited liability partnership firms, joint ventures, unlimited companies, and so on. For these all types of firm registration, there are rather reasonable and low firm registration fees charged in India. The essential services rendered by the company law attorneys during the entire firm registration procedure are - well-informed support for mature and visionary planning regarding formation of the desired type of a firm; help for making DINs, DPINs, DSCs, etc.; acquiring permission to the proposed names of the firm; preparing MOA and AOA, or the LLP Agreement, and other requisite documents; performing necessary compliances with regulating authorities to facilitate firm registration; filing these documents and applications with the relevant ROC for firm registration; and getting the incorporation certificate and the certificate for starting of a business.

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