NGO Registration

The role of NGOs has been magnificent and great in the spheres of various developmental activities and social welfare in any country. Acronym NGO stands for any non-governmental organization with certain specified objectives, and can pertain to the categories of trusts, societies, or non-profit private limited companies. Therefore, ours reputed and well-equipped law firm provides the full-range of supportive and legal services regarding ngo registration, in countries all around the whole world, compulsorily including india, where it is well-established. An NGO is a privately formed and governed entity by association of a legally required minimum number of individuals, with certain developmental and noble objectives for the benefits of the targeted people. These all categories of NGOs are comprehensively supported by us regarding their registration (including ngo registration online) in the desired or targeted country worldwide. But, in this elaborate article, information about ours ngo registration services in India, is exclusively provided in the section below. Ours these services for ngo registration are an immensely significant and valuable part of ours all legal services for people and entities in diverse sectors of economy in India or abroad.

NGO Registration Services India

Our organization is now well-facilitated to undertake and perform the ngo registration online, on behalf of people and associations belonging to locations in all around the whole country of India. All types of trusts, societies, and section-25 companies are promptly supported by us for their respective registration in any part of the country. For formation of a trust, only two members or trustees are required, the maximum number of whom being unlimited. These trusts are registered as per the individual Trusts Acts in different States of India, or the Indian Trusts Act of 1882. Drafting of perfect and flawless trust deed, and filing the same with the concerned authority. For society formation, the minimum number of members should be seven, and such a society is registered and regulated under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, by the registrars of societies in various States. All requisite documents are drafted well by us regarding society registration, essentially including the memorandum of association and the rules and regulations of the association. For setting up a section-25 company (as per the provisions given in the section-25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956), there are needed only three members or trustees, and the application for its registration is filed with the registrar of companies in the relevant State. Ours adept professionals offer all services during the entire ngo registration process. Here, it is noteworthy that the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961 provides certain exemptions to such NGOs, and the ngo registration fees in India are quite nominal.

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