LLP Registration

Today, the LLP firms have become quite popular for doing business in various fields of the commerce and profession sectors. The acronym LLP stands for the Limited Liability Partnership, as is prominent in India; in other countries of the world, it is known as the limited liability company. As is in most of the nations of all round the world, this form of company is immensely prominent and preferred in India, for doing business at domestic and international levels in the desired fields. Ours globally famous and popular law firm situated in India, indispensably provides all legal services for llp registration in every part of India, in addition to services for the registration and management of all other types of companies, and full-gamut of legal services relating to all areas of the legal practice. In this greatly productive article, offered in all-round information about the llp registration india, along with bright ideas about the llp registration procedure, and the llp registration online. Owing to ours well-rounded and discerning legal services for all disciplines of the law to all economic sectors in jurisdictions worldwide, our firm is now emerged as one of the widely prominent and reliable law firms of India and rest of the world.

Online LLP Registration Procedure India

The main and striking facts responsible for making LLPs hugely famous and popular are that, these offer the advantages contained by both the partnership firms and the limited companies, regarding their governance, management, and functioning. In India, the Act connected with such form of companies for their registration, establishment, and regulation is the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008, in association with and dictation of the Companies Act of 1956. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India is directly concerned for these all purposes, which now renders swift facilities for online filing and registration also. The llp registration procedure comprises of the filing of Form-7, Form-1, Form-2, Form-3, and Form-4, under expert guidance of a well-informed and adept company attorney. The Form-7 is utilized for acquiring DPINs and DSCs; Form-1 is used for approval of the proposed names; the Form-3 bears the LLP Agreement; while the Form-2 and Form-4 provide all requisite information about the partners, location, administration, objectives, etc. of the company.

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