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The entire gamut of legal services for the copyright registration and protection, is provided proficiently and responsibly by ours internationally acclaimed mellow copyright attorneys in jurisdictions worldwide. The categories of creations and works well-served by them are all sorts of literary works, the complete variety of musical creations and collections in audio and visual forms, all types of paintings and drawings, diverse artistic works, photographic and choreographic works, sculptural creations, cinematographic works and creations, and so on. In addition to copyright registration and protection in domestic jurisdictions worldwide, our globally admired law firm offers expert copyright registration services (including copyright registration online) under the TRIPS Agreement, Rome Convention, Berne or Paris Convention, and the Universal Copyright Convention. Besides flawless services for copyrights belonging to diverse fields, ours well-resources and reputed law firm based in India, also extends decent and discerning legal services in all areas of the law, to people and entities established in countries all across the globe.

Online Copyright Search Services India

All newly created works falling under the above-mentioned categories, are perfectly and adroitly served by our seasoned copyright attorneys on behalf of people and entities located in all across the whole India. By virtue of these impeccable services our law firm has become quite eminent in India and abroad, for swift copyright registration india, and copyright search india. The services involved in the process of copyright registration are - providing legal and commercial information associated with the desired creation, making copyright searches (online copyright searches) for verifying its originality and aloofness from the copyright materials of others, making necessary modifications to avert infringement upon the registered creations of others, presenting the creation in the best possible and impeccable way, filing copyright application, and prosecuting for swift and flawless registration. To support Indian people and entities in expanding their businesses to international arenas, we also serve them additionally for their copyright registration and protection under the international authorities specified above.

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