Copyright Rights

The Copyright Rights are the certain exclusive rights granted to the creators in connection with their unique creations or works registered by the relevant copyright law in the concerned jurisdiction. These copyright rights are utmost necessary for recognition, utilization, and protection of the materials copyright, besides giving due reward to the intellectual creativity of the creator. These copyright rights are described comprehensively in a separate section given below, for great convenience to the readers. There are certain specific copyright rights attached with diverse forms of matters and materials being copyright, the most prominent categories being --- literary works, sound recordings and musical works in audio and video forms, pantomimes, photographic collections, artistic works, dramatic works, sculptural works, choreographic works, cinematographic works, etc. Ours well-informed and internationally reputed copyright attorneys have been securing and promoting the copyright rights of people and entities engaged in diverse economic fields at domestic and international levels worldwide, for over a decade successfully and impressively.

Copyright Act Rights

The copyright rights are given to the creators or copyright holders as per the provisions described in the domestic or international copyright acts or laws concerned. The copyright act rights can broadly be classified into the categories of the Economic Rights, Moral Rights, and the Protective Rights. These copyright rights exclusively offer the creators the privileges to reproduce the matters and materials copyright; to use these matters for diverse personal and commercial benefits freely; to make hiring or trading of the copyright materials; to distribute the copyright materials flagrantly in public through normal distribution channels or systems; to perform the copyright work or creation before public; to take all proper measures for the safety of copyright matters; to sue against the infringers who ever make any type of infringements upon the copyright things; to create or make derivative works using the matters in the work copyright; and to make provisions for the safety, optimal harvesting, and best commercial utilization of the copyright materials. The most common copyright rights usage terms are inherently associated with these rights. And, it is mandatory and wise to mention on the creations the phrase - copyright rights reserved, for proper safety of the copyright works.

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