Copyright Filing

Flawless and swift services for Copyright Filing, are vital part of ours compulsory and significant legal services for the intellectual property rights, in countries all across the world. Our services for copyright application filing (including online copyright application) are for all diverse categories of new and original creations and works in various fields of the commerce and profession sectors. These copyright filing services are separately described in the lower section for readers' convenience. The categories of works well-served by the services of ours expert copyright attorneys cover all literary and dramatic works, all musical collections under audio and visual forms, all painting and drawing works, all types of sculptural creations, diverse choreographic and cinematographic works, and so on. Our law firm is well-known worldwide for its complete-range of services pertaining to all areas of the legal practice, essentially including the copyrights. Our trustworthy services for copyright filing at international level worldwide relate to the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and the Rome Convention.

Online Copyright Filing Services

Our reliable and economical services for copyright filing at domestic and international levels worldwide, are well-facilitated with prompt online copyright filing, additionally. Our well-learned, broadly experienced, and discerning copyright attorneys provide all ancillary and supportive services for copyright application filing. These services range from refined and innovative advice over the making of a new creation, to finally the filing of copyright application with the desired copyright office for secured registration. Lying in between the two extremes are services for originality and acceptability checks, service for copyright infringement analysis to avert making infringement on the copyright materials and matters of other people and entities, service for the best and flawless presentation of the creation under compliance with the rules and regulations of the authority concerned, and filing and prosecuting for swift and secured copyright registration. To serve and promote the international and worldwide businesses of our clients, we additionally help them in obtaining copyright registrations with one or more international copyright authorities mentioned above.

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