NBFC Registration

The acronym NBFC stands for the Non-Banking Financial Company, and is quite distinguishingly prominent in countries all around the world. Today, these NBFCs are emerging fast as the hugely supportive and magnificent complementary to the banking and financial sector in most of the progressing countries of the world. The NBFCs play very convenient and lavish intermediation between borrowers or investors and the banking and financial organizations, for their financial and transactional dealings. The activities and transactions handled by these NBFCs relate to all types of deposits, loans, funds, leasing and hire-purchases, instruments of the capital and money markets, and so on. Our worldwide prominent and acclaimed law firm has been providing full support regarding nbfc registration (including the means of nbfc registration online) in countries all across the globe, for a long enriching time. The section provided below describes comprehensively ours these nbfc registration services in India, along with the nbfc registration procedure involved. Here, it is worth mentioning that, our law firm is one of the reputed service providers worldwide to the people and entities in all economic sectors, in connection with all areas of the law.

NBFC Registration Services India

Acquiring nbfc registration is essential for governmental accreditation, full reliability, secured transactions, and proper welfare of its investors and clients. In most of the countries including India, NBFCs are registered under the provisions given in the company law of the country, and are regulated by the top financial institution of the country working under the federal department of finance. In India, these companies are formed as per the provisions described in the Companies Act of 1956, and are governed and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under the rules and regulations given in the RBI Act, 1934. We have been helping companies in making proper and rigorous nbfc registration under the RBI, which are engaged in the business of above-mentioned financial instruments. The nbfc registration is prescribed if the financial asset involved in the business of such a company, gets more than 50% of its own total capital asset. Today, any company that wants to acquire the certificate of nbfc registration, must possess the minimum fund of Rs. 2 Crore. The registration will be provided under any of the categories of the Asset Finance Company, Investment Company, and the Loan Company. The application of registration is to be made in the prescribed format, and submitted to the apex financial institution, along with the requisite nbfc registration fees.

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