Patent Renewal

Patent Renewal is the task of making continued the validation and effectiveness of one's patent rights within the concerned jurisdiction, through paying the required renewal fees. Punctual patent renewal is recommended for trouble-free continuance of accreditation to the patents and flagrant use of the patent rights granted to the patentees. Ours present article provides all-round information about the patent renewal in India and abroad, the patent renewal process, and our prompt and punctual patent renewal services worldwide. Acclaimed and reputed worldwide, ours law firm is based in India, and provides the whole gamut of legal services in jurisdictions all around the world, regarding all areas of the legal practice, inherently and inevitably including the intellectual property law and patents in all economic sectors. At international level worldwide, our perfect and responsible patent renewal services are concerned with the patents which are registered with the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, PCT of WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention.

Patent Renewal Services India

In India, the date of patent renewal is reckoned from the date of registration of the patent (date of grant of the patent). Again, both the one-time advance payment system and the yearly payment system are available in India for patent renewal. Since 2005, the term of patent protection in India has been extended to twenty years for patents in almost all economic fields associated. To ensure protection to patent, these patent renewal fees must be remitted punctually. However, in certain special and rare cases, the payment of renewal fees can helplessly be extended to a maximum of six months from the due date, but with additional penalty fees. Ours one of the reputed and leading law firms of India provides full-gamut of legal services for patent registration and protection, and all other streams of the law, in all across the country.

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