Trademark Registration in Amritsar

Containing a population of over one million, Amritsar is one of the major and internationally famous cities of Punjab. This Amritsar is rather prominent nationwide and internationally for being the spiritual and cultural center of the Sikh religion. Located in the north-western part of India, Amritsar is also very famous for its rich and highly delectable cuisines and exotic culture, and fast progress in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The ultimate aim behind writing this web article is to offer all necessary and very productive information about ours trademark registration services in amritsar, to serve its numerous companies and firms engaged in various economic fields. Our firm is now one of the internationally famous IPR law firms of india, with massive number of satisfied and loyal clients located in all across India and countries abroad. The complete gamut of expert and responsible legal services are available with us for all diverse categories of the intellectual property at national as well as international levels in nations worldwide.

For superb and swift trademark registration in amritsar, all fast booming and emerging economic fields of this glamorous city are comprehensively covered by ours internationally renowned trademark lawyers. Today, the most prominent and thriving economic fields in entire Amritsar are - agro-based industries, tourism and hospitality, fabrics and carpets, alluring handicrafts, farm produces, information technology, light to medium heavy manufacturing and engineering, and diverse services. For doing business on all India level, companies and firms located in all across Amritsar are required to register their newly created trademarks and service marks with the regional trademark registry office situated in New Delhi (Dwarka), strictly as per the rules and regulations provided in the new Indian Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. On the other hand, all international registrations of theirs this category of intellectual property are to be performed under the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne Convention, and the European Community Trademark. Any one or all of these globally famous international trademark conventions could be concerned, depending upon the business requirements and priorities of the applicant companies. These both categories of registrations have been flawlessly, punctiliously, and economically well-supported by ours mellowed and innovative lawyers, for over one decade.

As mentioned above, we have the whole range of legal services for trademarks and service marks also, that belong to all 45 classes of these. Apart from the trademark registrations, ours other services for trademarks are - trademark renewal, trademark infringement litigation, trademark opposition, trademark watch and monitoring, trademark search and infringement analysis, selling and purchasing of registered trademarks, and hiring and trading of registered trademarks. Thus, every newly invented trademark in amritsar, can superbly and quite economically be well-served by ours adept trademark lawyers.

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