Trademark Registration in Srinagar

One of the most beautiful and alluring places of India, is extremely scenic Srinagar, which has been rather prominent as the Kashmiri Venice. Very aesthetically situated in the center of the Kashmir valley, and on the banks of river Jhelum, Srinagar has been internationally renowned for refreshing and rejuvenating nature tourism. Besides tourism, Srinagar is now also notable for its terrifically fast economic growth and urban development. Therefore, in ours this webpage, we are offering rich and generous information exclusively about ours legal services in this celestial city of Jammu & Kashmir, especially the trademark registration services in srinagar, to serve all booming and emerging sectors of its rich and fast-paced economy.

This placid and prosperous city of gardens, lakes, houseboats, and handicrafts, has been receiving ours expert and responsible legal services for its industrial development and opulence for a long time, in the areas of the intellectual property laws, company law, business and commercial law, information technology and cyber laws, international business related laws, real estate and construction, etc. The major beneficiaries of ours these services have been the fields of tourism, hospitality, agriculture and horticulture-based industries, information technology, and several other fields. As far as trademarks and service marks are concerned, our internationally admired trademark attorneys expert and economical services for trademark registration in srinagar, for all different classes of these. Here, it is important to mention that, the trademarks and service marks that belong to firms and companies which are located in places all across Srinagar, are registered and regulated by the zonal trademark office situated in New Delhi. Our well-informed and adept trademark lawyers deliver all services for the best possible, perfect, and brisk registration of every trademark in srinagar, from the very beginning to the end of the entire registration process.

Besides the national-level registrations of all categories of trademarks and service marks that belonged to companies and firms located in Srinagar, we also additionally offer brisk and best services for the international registrations of those, under the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne Convention, and the European Community Trademark, depending upon the business requirements and preferences of the desirous companies. The most important activities and tasks involved in the process of registration are creation of perfect and unique trademark or service mark, checking originality and blamelessness of the newly created trademark, filing the completed application, handling successfully the case of infringement allegations and trademark oppositions, and then, providing the trademark prosecution service to satisfy the concerned trademark office.

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