Trademark Registration in Gurgaon

Offering impeccable and expeditious legal services to firms, companies, and industries which are well-established in places situated in all across the country of India, ours globally prominent IPR law firm of India inevitably includes Gurgaon as a very significant recipient. For past many year glamorous and galloping Gurgaon has been receiving ours services in the legal fields of company law, intellectual property laws, business and commercial law, labor and employment law, corporate taxation and insurance, information technology and cyber laws, foreign direct investment, education law, real estate and construction law, media law, and many other legal areas. But, ours this web article is confined to provide detailed and very beneficial information regarding ours trademark registration services in gurgaon, to serve its numerous firms and companies engaged in various occupational fields mentioned below. Here, it may be mentioned that this second largest city of Haryana is at present has the third highest per capita income in the entire country.

One of the most thriving and lucrative outsourcing hubs in the entire world, Gurgaon is the most significant industrial and financial center of the fast prospering State of Haryana, and now is well-known as the Millennium City. Its location in the very vicinity of Delhi has been boosting its well-rounded industrial and economic progress and growth. Ours internationally renowned and mellowed trademark lawyers have been rendering the whole gamut of services for trademark registration in gurgaon, to promote and secure its businesses and professions in all economic sectors. Today, the most notable and significant fields of its economy are - telecommunications, automotive, information technology, business outsourcing, real estate and construction, garment and textiles, banking and finance, catering and hospitality, retail, education and teaching, leisure and entertainment, advertising, and diverse services. About 50% of the Fortune 500 companies have their striking and active presence in booming Gurgaon of today. Ours lawyers are fully and exclusively capable of handling every trademark in gurgaon, in respect of its registration, regulation, and protection, in all across India and also abroad.

All 45 classes of trademarks and service marks created and owned by companies and firms located in Gurgaon, are registered and regulated by the regional trademark office situated in New Delhi. Our lawyers support applicant entities comprehensively at all stages existing during the entire trademark registration process. Besides the national-level trademark registrations, we also help Indian and international companies in achieving perfect and brisk registration under any desired international trademark convention, such as the TRIPS Agreement, European Community Trademark, Berne Convention, and the Madrid Protocol.

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